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KnowledgeTRAK is a unique, multi-purpose, online solution that provides a cost effective approach to customer experience evaluation.

It links companies to a large pool of shoppers and researchers who provide real-time feedback on their service delivery directly from their smartphones.

Any company that wants to obtain real-time feedback from its customers via mystery shopping or surveys to measure the Voice of the Customer in order to use the information to test and improve customer experience.

KnowledgeTRAK will significantly reduce your mystery shopping and survey costs. This dynamic solution can provide performance statistics and critical feedback on staff performance, price, brand awareness, product placement and knowledge and quality of customer service.  In addition, KnowledgeTRAK can be used to test promotions and can provide detailed insight into competitor performance.

KnowledgeTRAK is an unbiased solution that will keep employees focused on delivering consistency in customer experience. The mystery element ensures that professionalism and honesty is maintained in all customer interactions.

As customer needs, expectations and buying habits continue to evolve, KnowledgeTRAK recommends ongoing reviews and benchmarking to ensure you get to and stay at the peak of performance and customer preference. KnowledgeTRAK provides the perfect platform to understand where you are now and what you need to improve on to grow your business and your brand.

Becoming a leader and staying there are two different challenges entirely. Customer needs change in line with trends and seasonality. As a high performing business, it is critical to remain in close touch with your customer needs to continue to leverage your market position.

Top performing companies always know where they are in comparison to their competition to ensure they stay there.

KnowledgeTRAK has a database of more than 15,000+ mystery shoppers around the GCC. With a variety of different backgrounds and experiences, the base is able to cater to all different types of clients and assignments. KnowledgeTRAK also operates a point-earning system for shoppers to incentivise good quality feedback and all of our Shoppers have a detailed profile to ensure your Geographic and Demographic needs are matched perfectly.

Our mystery shopping pricing varies from project to project and as such are individually priced to provide great value to Clients balanced with collection of quality and relevant information. For further information on this, please contact our sales team directly on sales@KnowledgeTRAK.com.

Set Up/ Logging In

Contact our sales representative who will help you to select the most suitable package for your business requirements. You will then gain access to get started on the KnowledgeTRAK system.

Navigate to the user log-in page https://app.knowledgetrak.com and click on the ‘forgot password’ link.

Your username is simply the email address you signed up with. If you can’t remember which email address, please email our support team.

Setting up assignments

You know your customers better than anyone else, once you select the various demographic information in the assignment set up, KnowledgeTRAK will present your assignment to matching shoppers profiles based on your needs. During registration, shoppers have to complete detailed profiles to ensure both you and the shoppers match.

Yes, KnowledgeTRAK is fully flexible to accommodate your requirements, from urgent, short-term assignments all the way up to open ended assignments.

Yes, as part of the assignment creation you define how many responses you need to suit your requirements.

Yes, KnowledgeTRAK allows you to design and run unlimited surveys for a flat fee.

Viewing assignments

KnowledgeTRAK’s reporting interface will provide you with all of the information you need to track ongoing assignments and to review the information obtained so far. This is available on both the internet and through smartphone applications to suit you and your stakeholders.

KnowledgeTRAK is a real-time solution and as such if you feel like you have enough information gathered faster than you had planned, you can close the assignment and create a new one for a different project as and when you need to.

User permissions are defined by you. You can choose which of your stakeholders see what information and this can be changed at any time.

KnowledgeTRAK conduct quality checks on assignment responses to ensure they meet industry standards. Mystery Shopper ratings also exemplify experience in the shopper base.

In addition, KnowledgeTRAK requires photos, receipts and takes advantage of geo technology to ensure the information you receive from the shoppers is of the highest integrity and accuracy.


Payments are made in advance of each service engagement. You top up your account with the amount to be transferred to the shoppers once the responses are approved along with the response transaction fee and we’ll do the rest.

We do require a valid credit card or approved purchase order as a condition of initiating your first assignment.

You can make the payment online or through bank transfers. Please contact us for more information on: + 971 4 432 9373 | Email: sales@KnowledgeTRAK.com

Once you receive an assignment response, you will be given the option to verify the response. Upon confirmation that you are satisfied with the response, our finance team moves the payment from your prepaid account to the shoppers’ account.

An escrow account will be established to hold your funds until verification and the payment will be transferred only after response approval.

NOTE: Should the initial findings provided by shoppers and researchers to the client not be accepted for up to a period of 5 days, KnowledgeTRAK retains the right to charge the client for the full service. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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